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Company Profile

Get to Know Us

Our training programme approach is:

Mindfulness training and techniques blended

with empowerment/mindset coaching.

We teach and explore many ways to bring more stability and happiness to peoples lives.

We do this through Mindfulness Techniques

such as:

• Breathwork

• Meditation

• Mindset Coaching

• Cold Water Therapy, amongst others.


We are a company made up of two successful professional women with diverse and

wide-ranging skill sets. 

We employ these attributes by blending mindfulness, education, and life experiences to design training programmes tailored to the clients specific needs. We adapt and orientate training programmes with the sole aim of reducing stress levels with the specific agency/corporate business in mind.

The Mindful Mind Clinic training programmes contribute to genuine positive improvements in the lives of course attendees. We are incredibly impassioned in guiding and facilitating individuals to live a more present mindful life, with peace and ease at the core, creating a ripple effect within organisations & families alike. 

We run our training programmes all across Ireland and the United Kingdom. We hire many prestigious venues to allow us to take our training programmes within a leisurely distance of your agency or company. To us the setting for these programmes is as important as the content of the training.

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