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Catriona had many adversities in her life from childhood upwards which led to her leaving school at the age of 14 and leading an incredibly stressful life at times throughout her teens and 20s. However, in 2012 Catriona started to live life in a more mindful way, and this allowed her a deep awareness of herself and life and in turn, created a more peaceful life for herself.

Catriona's Story

Catriona used her adversities as her drive in life and Mindfulness created that space to ground her awareness to the present moment. This allowed her the space and focus to open and run two very successful businesses and then went on to be a foster carer and this is when her Mindfulness journey deepened further, and it became a daily practice. She has seen first hand how mindful practices (formal and informal) eased the everyday stress within her household and the children started picking up the tools to identify and regulate their own emotions. Mindfulness regulated the stress within Catriona’s whole household, and this has created so much peace and joy within our lives that we are so grateful for.


Catriona's businesses were in two very different industries. One car sales company and the other being a tour operator business, both businesses Catriona grew from the ground up. Building and growing these businesses has given Catriona the skillset to understand all the challenges that business owners and managers have to deal with on a daily basis. It has also given her a deep understanding that a well looked after employee is a healthy, happy and productive employee. We as managers or business owners have a responsibility to nurture the health and wellbeing of our employees just as we expect them to do the same for our business.


Catriona has now followed her passion for helping others to manage the stresses of our modern world by retraining as a Mindfulness Teacher and Cold-Water Therapy Coach. Catriona has a deep understanding of how life can be difficult for everyone no matter our bank balance or material needs or wants or our backgrounds. Stress is something every area of society has a shared knowledge of.


The Mindful Mind Clinic has all the tools to help you create a healthier and happier workplace and life.

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