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My Story...

I had many adversities in my life from childhood upwards which led to me leaving school at the age of 14 and leading an incredibly stressful and chaotic life at times throughout my teens and 20s, abusing drink and drugs. However, in 2012 I went and lived in the outback in Australia for 11 months this forced me to slow down. I started to live life in a more mindful way, and this allowed me a deep awareness of myself and life and in turn I created a more balanced peaceful life.

I always used my adversities as my drive in life but Mindfulness created that space to ground my awareness to the present moment and give me some much needed space between me and my trauma.

This allowed me the space and focus to open and run two very successful businesses for nearly a decade. The catalyst event was losing my dear mum in 2021. My world crumbled and I knew I would of slipped back into old patterns of behaviour if I didn’t finally seek proper sustainable help and that came through counselling and psychotherapy. Amongst healing in therapy I found mindfulness courses and then ice baths literally saved my life. They regulated my nervous system when I couldn’t do it myself. This was where I started to build my daily 4 pillar system and it changed my life and my family’s life forever.


I have seen first-hand how mindful practices (formal and informal) eased the everyday stress within my household. Our children even started picking up the tools to identify and regulate their own emotions which is so powerful for children to learn from a young age. Mindfulness regulated the stress within my whole household, and this has created so much peace and joy within our lives that we are so grateful for.

My Business Background

My businesses were in two very different industries. One car sales company and the other being a tour operator business, both businesses I grew from the ground up. Building and growing these businesses has given me the skillset to understand all the challenges that business owners and managers have to deal with on a daily basis. It has also given me a deep understanding that a well looked after employee is a healthy, happy and productive employee. We, as managers or business owner have a responsibility to nurture the health and wellbeing of our employees just as we expect them to do the same for our business.

We all deserve to spend our life within a healthy mind and it’s within reach for us all. I now have swapped the life of running the rat race to slow down and help people find a better balance in life through a well-regulated nervous system.

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