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Coming Soon

I am very excited to be soon publishing my

Nourish and Bloom Creative Journal and Inspiring Poetry.

I designed this journal with the intent of the reader to find comfort, understanding, healing and empowerment within its pages. I only found my gift of writing poetry in 2022 when I was 12 months into my therapy and healing journey. My poems are based around a few areas of life. The main ones being, life challenges, discrimination, injustice, healing and how we can harness life challenges to become our empowerment and drive, to pave the road to a bright future in full bloom.

Nourish and Bloom Creative Journal and Inspiring PoetryHardback Journal

  • A truly unique inspiring creative journal for you to sit with yourself and write what your soul desires. Along with heart-warming pages to doodle & draw on.

  • 26 original poems to inspire deep healing through motivation and empowerment.

  • 50 quotes to empower your mind & guide you on a journey to harness your inner strength.

  • Affirmations to start your day standing within your power.

  • Gratitude pages to anchor you in the goodness of your life and to invite more positive moments into your day.

  • A luxury journal that will lead you on a journey of exploration and motivation to create a life of your wildest dreams.

  • This luxury journal makes for a beautiful and empowering gift for someone that you want the best life for.

  • Unlike other journals, the poetry within this journal was written by the journal author, Catriona Curtis, especially intended to take you the reader on a journey of self-exploration, healing and empowerment.

  • Don’t Suppress, Just Express

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