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My Training Programme Approach is

I aim to give my clients an in-depth but simple understanding of how their nervous system works and in turn teach them my 4 pillar technique system. These practices are scientifically backed practices to regulate the nervous system and release everyday stresses to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Mindfulness training and scientific backed practices are brought together by my unique style of empowerment coaching.


I teach and explore various ways to bring more resilience, stability and happiness to people’s lives.

My 4 Pillar System:

• Breathwork

• Meditation

• Earthing

• Cold Water Therapy – this comes in many forms, full body ice baths, face ice bath,

hand or feet ice bath. This is decided upon on an individual basis with my clients.

My 4 pillars are brought together by mindfulness and empowerment coaching.

I’m a firm believer in life experience being our best classroom in which to learn our strengths and build resilience from. Life is difficult but we can learn to harness the power of not resisting what we can’t change and there is huge power within that one piece.

Available Programmes

1 to 1 Client Work – 4 to 6 week Mindset Reboot Training programme.


Group Resilience Programme - Nervous System Awareness and Self-Regulation Training Programme. How to use education and life adversities as tools for growth.


Tailormade Corporate Programmes on Request.

Getting a healthy mindset is hard, living in constant stress is hard.


Choose you’re hard.


Choose wise, choose you.

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