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The core of my work is based upon scientific backed education and scientifically proven practices.

The Aim:

The aim of my workshops and programmes are to empower my clients through knowledge and science informed education and practices. My clients can gain greater control over their life, over their mental health and physical health but mostly over their internal sense of peace and happiness. 

How it is achieved:

This is achieved through clients gaining understanding of the autonomic nervous system and the role baseline dopamine and serotonin has on our mental health. Clients learn practices and techniques to use for the rest of their lives to bring regulation to these systems and in turn reduce stress, anxiety and trauma. This in turn will reduce the mental and physical illnesses that go along with them and gain a healthier and happier life. 

4 Pillar System

My work is based on improving the health and function of the 4 pillar internal system which is achieved by applying my 4 pillar technique system.

My 4 Pillar Techniques



Nutrition / Supplements


Cold Water Therapy

this comes in many forms, full body cold water immersion baths (below 15 degrees), face ice bath, hand or feet ice bath. This is decided upon on an individual basis with my clients.

4 Pillar Internal System

Autonomic Nervous System Regulation

Baseline Dopamine Regulation

Serotonin Regulation

Respiratory System Regulation

My workshops and programmes act as a bottom up therapy approach to reset the autonomic nervous system and bring regulation to the chemicals that influence your mood, motivation and emotions. Reset your autonomic nervous system to reset your life to enhance your life experience.

Give yourself the gift of a healthy brain and improved mental and physical health.

Available Programmes

Public Workshops Nourish & Bloom Series

These workshops are a hybrid of a traditional retreat format and science led education on how my techniques and practices can enhance our mental health. The traditional retreat format consists of, soundbaths, reiki, meditation and journaling. This is blended with the science informed education and scientific proven practices to nourish our body and soul and create the best foundation for our brain and life experience to bloom.


Full Day Workshops (Nourish Series)

10am – 4.30pm


Half Day (Bloom) 10am – 1pm 


Give yourself the gift of a healthy brain and improved mental and physical health.

Boost Programme

This 2 hour programme is for companies and their employees.

BOOST sustainable productivity, healthy long lasting motivation, concentration and health and wellness. For sustainable productivity we need strong healthy foundations to prevent falling victim to burn out. Through biohacking and nervous system regulation we improve and change the functions within our body that create and sustain motivation, concentration, focus and energy. Overall, this programme will not only boost productivity, it will improve the mental and physical health of your work force. What a great gift to give to your employees and their families, your company and you. 

BILL (brain, immune system, lymphatic system, lungs) Health & Wellness Programme

This is a 2 hour theory & practice based programme for community groups and organisations.

Getting a healthy brain,
body and mindset is hard.
Living in constant stress is hard,
being unhappy is hard.
Choose you’re hard.
Choose wise, Choose you.

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