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Strictly Confidential

Catriona Curtis, UKCMM Accredited Practitioner/ Mindfulness Teacher

Professional and Ethical Practice

I, Catriona Curtis, am committed to upholding the highest possible standards of professional ethics and codes of practice in the interests of client care and confidentiality.

Mindful Mind Clinic – Workshop

The following sets out some basic information about the session/retreat that you are attending with the Mindful Mind Clinic, as well as briefly asking you a few questions. We kindly ask you to read it carefully and as a required formality, return it to us signed by you at the time of booking or within 7 days of receiving this form. Your place will only be secured officially on receipt of this form.

Looking After Yourself:

The practices in each session involve sitting, standing and mindful movement, cold water therapy baths, grounding in bare feet on grass, breath work, sound baths, reiki and meditation.

Please only do what is safe and suitable for you, based upon your state of health. If in any doubt please let us know straight away. You may need to consult your doctor for advice as we are not medically trained to give advice on medical issues.


This workshop is designed to educate and nourish your mind and body, you can choose to partake in all practices or just some. That choice is always yours.

Medical Questionnaire & Personal Information:

Thanks for submitting!

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